Aloha TableService/QuickService

quickserivYour restaurant customers depend on you to provide fast, friendly and totally consistent service, time after time. That’s why it’s important to set the stage for success with point-of-sale (POS) system technology that delivers on your brand promise.

Aloha Guest Manager

customers_ordermanCreate great expectations with NCR Aloha Guest Manager. This multi-functional restaurant software application optimises the customer experience by helping hosts quote wait times accurately, seat guests promptly and recognise repeat visitors.

Aloha Takeout & Delivery

hospitality-solutions-industry1Aloha Takeout POS system tightly synchronizes fast-paced restaurant takeout and delivery operations from order entry to driver route planning, making the most of every minute.

Aloha Kitchen

restaurant-software-solutionsWith its bright graphical displays, robust reporting capabilities and quote time calculators, Aloha Kitchen seamlessly integrates to additional functionality within the Aloha solution, such as takeout, guest management and configuration systems.

Aloha POS as a Service (POSaaS)

Terminal_2Aloha POS as a Service (POSaaS) is a low-risk, flexible subscription POS program that gives you access to the features and benefits of Aloha for an all-inclusive monthly payment. No contract period required. Subscribe to your restaurant POS technology in the same way as your ice machines or knives.